AgPro is a new livestock equipment manufacturer with a long history. The family behind AgPro has been involved in the New Mexico agricultural community for 30 years. Out of The Machine Shop in Roswell they have been making Silage Trailers for 20 years. Based on the success of that equipment they decided to expand into other lines. The AgPro Manure Spreader was next to be introduced. Soon work will begin on a Vertical Mixer designed from the ground up. Built with commercial operators in mind, all equipment is designed around serviceability.

Why consider AgPro for your equipment needs? How about Service and Dependability.

It’s not what you pay for a piece of equipment, it is the value you receive for the money spent.

We build quality equipment that can meet the daily needs and withstand the harsh environment of commercial operators without the interruption of breakdowns. And when that time comes we will be here to provide the parts and service you need to get back to work.

A lot of common sense and experience went into designing and building this equipment.

We look forward to doing business with you now and the years to come.

Take a look at our Silage Trailer and Manure Spreader