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AgPro Spreader is ALL Hydraulic

There are no drive lines to grease or replace. A Tandem Pumps mounts directly to the PTO on the 8 bolt transmission hole. The larger first pump is dedicated solely to driving the beaters. The smaller second pump drives the floor and accessories. Both pumps and systems are filtered separately but share a common 75 Gallon Hydraulic Tank mounted in the head board. A Hydraulic Cooler with an electric fan insures adequate cooling. After the operator engages the PTO, he can turn on & off the floor and beaters separately. From the control panel the operator can raise and lower the Slop Gate, Tail Pan and Kickout Beaters along with adjusting the floor chain speed from 0 to 30 Feet per Minute. A large window in the headboard gives an excellent view of the spreader in operation. Safety Interlocks are designed into the system to prevent damage to the beaters or floor chain. First the slop gate (if one is installed) needs to be all the way up to activate a limit switch and the beaters need to be running to start the floor chains. A Hi/Lo Pressure switch on the beater circuit monitors pressure. If the beaters encounter more load than they can handle the floor chain circuit will be momentarily interrupted allowing the beaters to catch up. However while watching the unit spread you will not notice any change in the beaters spinning or the manure coming out. But from the headboard window you will see the floor start and stop, allowing the beaters to maintain maximum RPM. If the beaters become plugged or encounter cement the operator merely Swing Out the beaters 16 inches to allow the obstruction to fall clear of the beaters. This can be done with the beaters running. In a matter of seconds the beaters will come back to full speed and the kick out can be lowered back into place. The entire beater assembly can be removed to allow the box to be used for hauling silage.

The AgPro Spreader Final Drive Shaft is 2¼ Stress Proof Shaft with welded on Sprockets and is attached with 4 Steel Bushing Blocks containing greaseable Nylatron Bushings. The Final Drive Shaft can be replaced in less than an hour. Two Char Lyn Model 104 Motors power the Final Drive Shaft from both sides. 80H Heavy Chain transfers the torque from the motors to the shaft. The Floor Apron Chain is made with American Drive D667KC Chain and Plasma Cut 3/16 Slats that are formed to the chain for maximum strength. To maximize the capacity the box is a FULL 102” WIDE outside and the walls are TAPERED Front to Back . As the Floor Chains move the load the wall tapers away to reduce friction and drag. This means less power is needed to move the load and less stress on the floor chains. An integrated bumper with LED lighting comes standard. The skirt is formed 7 gauge with 10 gauge Steel floor. This heavy metal construction means durability and years of service.

The AgPro Spreader is built with many features to make it easier to work on in the field. Bolt on Beater Stub Shafts allow for repairing a shaft and bearing in the field without having to disassemble the entire beater assembly. The Final Drive Shaft can be replaced quickly with only a few wrenches. Speed chain and sprockets with tapered hubs make the beater bearings accessible. The Beater side panels are punched for a 2 or 3 beater configuration. Stainless Steel Bolts on the Chain Tightners adjust the Floor Chain from Out Side its Path

To provide for different customer needs we have several options to choose from. 16” Side Extensions give the extra capacity needed for dryer material. The box comes standard with 2 beaters but can be upgraded to 3 easily. Depending on if you are hauling on state roads you may want a Slop Gate to contain the load. Plastic Floor and Side Liners are available. These can add life to the box and reduce the torque requirements of the hydraulics. We are also looking into having a Vertical Beater option in the future.

Installation is simplified because no drive lines are needed. If you have a basic shop you can install the box yourself or bring you truck to us for our trained shop personal to mount it for you. Each unit comes with a 6 month warranty for workmanship and carries all the original manufacture’s warranties for the pumps, motors and chain.




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